Flex Lab IX

Flextronics Lab IX helps emerging technology startups bring to market technologies that make tomorrow’s disruptive products possible. We provide a collective innovation environment along with guidance, mentorship, and services to help early stage technology players commercialize their ideas.

Docor International B.V

is a fully-owned subsidiary of Crecor B.V. Both Docor and Crecor were formed as wholly-owned subsidiaries of the Van Leer Group Foundation to promote and participate in commercial activities in Israel. Currently, these activities include direct investments in 23 companies. Docor is also a partner in the incubator, the Van Leer Technology Center Jerusalem. Docor’s vision is to be a socially responsible investor. Docor has two main objectives:
• To contribute to the welfare of the Israeli economy and society by investing in companies that have activities in Israel or are based on high technology developed in Israel.
•To create worldwide added value by investing in globally oriented companies that have innovative technologies targeted at growing markets and the needs of future industries.
Docor’s strategy is to become actively involved in the management of the companies in which it invests. While investing in young companies with post-seed technology that is nearly proven, Docor provides an international business network and leverages investments. While staying involved with the companies through their initial stages of growth, Docor provides skilled management support and models professional business conduct. These activities are monitored with the help of Docor International Management Ltd. (D.I.M.) – a 100% subsidiary of Docor International B.V., with offices in Tel-Aviv.

Van Leer Ventures Jerusalem (VLVJ)

VLVJ looks for leading entrepreneurs with innovative technology addresses to large and fast growing markets. The Center was established in 1992 by a consortium of notable sponsors, such as Intel, Teva Pharmaceuticals, AVX, Motorola and the Jerusalem Development Authority. Today much of the Center’s activities are supported by its investors, Docor International BV, an industrial investment fund and The Jerusalem Development Authority, a joint government/municipal corporation. Docor International and The Jerusalem Development Authority deliver to the portfolio companies tangible added value both via ongoing guidance and by extending their business development capabilities.  

OriginGPS’ Quality Management System has been CERTIFIED ISO 9001:2008
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