Customer Applications
Nano Quadcopters
“Small and lightweight with unparalleled, The Nano Hornet GPS module ticks all the boxes for us.”

Ivan Reedman
Head of Research and Development
Nano Drones
“OriginGPS is the only company that produces a plug-and-play GPS module that is small, low-power and supremely accurate. These features make our revolutionary gaming drone what it is – we can guarantee that it will fly longer than competitors and find its home base without a problem, all while remaining compact and more affordable than other similar products on the market”

Ulrich Ditschler
CEO, Founder
Health Monitoring
“Buddi chose Origin due to the compact size of the modules along with the low power consumption. Integration of the modules in to the Buddi hardware platform was straight forward and where needed Origin GPS provided excellent technical support and advice.”

Charles Lewinton
Head of Engineering, Buddi
Fish Finder
“OriginGPS is the only company that has produced an integrated GPS and antenna module that fits our aim to create a smaller and lighter sonar device. The Nano Hornet’s high performance and low power consumption are enabling fishermen to deploy more accurate and longer lasting fish-finding capabilities. By integrating the Nano Hornet, we were able to add location functionality to our sonar device while ensuring it can fit into every fishing tackle box and be used in places most traditional sonars can’t, like from a shore or dock.”

Donatas Malinauskas,
Chief Technology Officer, Deeper
Wearable Tracker
“To build the world’s smallest GPS/GPRS Tracking Device, the Nano Hornet was the best choice, because of its superior performance, small size and because it doesn’t have the design restrictions other similar modules have”

Ben Hoelke,
CEO, Round Solutions
Smart Watches
“Our requirement was to find the smallest GPS possible. Origin provided the solution for us with the suggestion of using a module GPS rather than an integrated chip version that allowed us to reduce our development and time to market.”

Andrea Tellatin
CEO, Si14
Wearable Cameras
“A key aspect of the Autographer experience is that the images taken are geotagged with location. The ORG4472 was selected for its excellent specification and the support provided by OriginGPS during development has been very good'”.

Simon Randall
Managing Director, OMG Life
Cameras – Geotagging
“I have made it my business in the last 5 years to evaluate and test nearly every GPS module on the market, from nearly every company. From all my tests I’m in no doubt that the OriginGPS modules represent the best performance versus size trade-off in the sector, by quite some margin. I can also happily report that the technical support I received from OriginGPS team was by far the best out of all the GPS module companies I have dealt with.”

Dr Reuben Wilcock
Custom Idea Ltd
Wildlife Tracking
“GPS units from OriginGPS allow us to create small and compact products”
that researchers use for tracking species that they could not track before.”

Leszek Meczarski
Executive Director of Product Development
Animal Tracking
“Thanks to OriginGPS high performance GPS we are proud to present our most precise, battery efficient and reliable animal tracker yet.
With great delivery times and good support OriginGPS is Findmysheep’s preferred choice”

Halvor Mjoeen,
Co-founder Findmysheep AS
Automotive – Telematics
“In FICOSA, innovation and technology are two main tools for our future. This is why working  with OriginGPS is a great choice for our automotive telematics business”

Jose Maria Forcadell
Business Unit Director, Ficosa
Vehicle Tracking

“We have tested a wide range of GPS modules available on the market and realized` that OriginGPS product are the only to find the right balance between the size of the footprint and GPS signal reception quality. As a result we were able to build small device without compromising on user’s experience”.

Patryk Szymczak

CEO , CloudYourCar

Vehicle Tracking
“After looking at numerous GPS modules, we chose Origin because of the excellent specification and very small footprint”

Phil Vella
Technical Director, Astra Telematics
Fleet Management
“We have good experience with the products, excellent support”

Joe Shayovitch
CEO, Wireless Links
AVL Solutions
“Small dimensions combined with extremely accurate GPS has lead TrackTec to incorporate Origin GPS in new line of products“

Amir Lorber
CEO, TrackTec
Electronic Triplog and Fleet Monitoring
“ABAX wanted a highly accurate electronic triplog device, that was super easy to install. This required a waterproof, robust AND miniaturized design. OriginGPS small form factor, combined with excellent performance, enables us to deliver this to our customers.”

Glenn Bergan,
Container Tracking
“We provide tracking of shipping containers around the world for organizations like BP, and the US Navy.  With clients like those, the only option is the best one, which is why we chose OriginGPS.”

James MacLean III
President & CEO, Geoforce
Mobile Asset Management
“As a leading company in mobile asset management solutions for airports, public transportation and defense markets we require our devices to be highly reliable, accurate and tough. We found this combination with OriginGPS products.”

Michael Bar-on
Head of product management, Trilogical
Oil & Gas Asset Tracking
“For tracking oil & gas assets globally, we needed a device that was rugged, internationally certified and small enough to fit on a variety of equipment. Origin’s modules were an ideal fit for those requirements”

Gary Naden
CTO, Geoforce
“In all areas of the Jenoptik Group we have comprehensive expertise in optoelectronics and deep experience in innovative technologies, that’s what we expect of our suppliers as well and therefore we use OriginGPS’ products”

Gerd Harnisch
Head of Marketing, JENOPTIK
Smart Metering
“OriginGPS’ modules with a high performance, small in size and very low battery consumption are a perfect fit to our Wavelet system: a cutting-edge all-in-one remote monitoring system that has revolutionized the way water infrastructure and quality are monitored.

My warmest recommendation”.

Yair Poleg
CTO, Ayyeka
Data terminals
“OriginGPS product is a complete GPS System-in-Package with small dimensions, high sensitivity combined with low power consumption. It suited best Radwin’s needs.”

David Ben-Shai
CTO, Radwin
OriginGPS’ Quality Management System has been CERTIFIED ISO 9001:2008
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